Frequently Asked Questions

Does fee-only wealth management reduce my fees?

Yes, it may, though that is not our objective. Our aim is to provide you with conflict-free advice. Of course, you may incur lower fees through judicious choice of investment products and by avoiding high-commissions products that are not suited to your profile.

Does the plan include product specific details?

Yes. Based on your specific needs, we prepare a personalized plan with specific recommendations on how much to invest, which products to invest in, and over what period of time. These recommendations evolve over the years with changes in your life needs and market conditions.

Do you help me execute the plan and buy products?

Yes. Once the plan has been discussed and agreed upon with the client, we implement it by investing in the right products, without any commissions or conflict. However, the client may choose to execute the plan through their preferred platform, broker or distributor.

How do I know that you are not compensated for product distribution?

We are regulated by SEBI as Registered Investment Advisor. This registration specifically prohibits any income other than client fees. Our clients can choose to purchase investment products from their preferred broker. This way we ensure that investment advice and purchase are completely segregated, without any conflicts.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients are intelligent, successful, passionate about their life and career, and lack time to manage their own finances. More importantly, their life values and beliefs are aligned with ours.

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